Monday, November 15, 2010

President George W. Bush's Memoirs Engrossing

Towards the end of President Bush's 2nd term, I started telling Sara and others that I wanted to read his memoirs. I wanted to know the behind-the-scenes of so many events as well as his thinking on many issues.

Well, I saw the book the other day at Family Christian Stores, saw it was on sale, realized I had a gift card, and I bought it.

It is an engrossing read. President Bush's writing is simple (not simplistic), straight-forward, and down-to-earth. The book is not chronological; it's structured rather around decisions he considers key, most of the them during his presidency. Hence the title, Decision Points.

At 170 pages in, I have noted certain striking themes:
  • the tremendous respect and love President Bush has for his father
  • his competitive nature
  • his love for the United States
  • his knowledge of world history in general and of US history in particular
  • his charity toward most, even his political enemies
  • his command of the White House (contrary to rumors that the VP Cheney was actually running the administration).

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