Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What were you doing 2 weeks ago?

Pastor Johnson was beaten by 20 men. Here's the report from Voice of the Martyrs:

On Dec. 2, more than 20 Hindu extremists from the Bajrang Dal group attacked Pastor Johnson in Udayanagar, near Bangalore, India, accusing him of trying to convert people to Christianity. Pastor Johnson was leaving a prayer meeting at a believer's home when the extremists surrounded him and asked him why he was trying to convert people. "They simply started to beat him up," VOM contacts said. "The pastor's plea that he had just come on an invitation for a prayer ... simply fell on deaf ears." VOM contacts said the extremists then dragged Pastor Johnson to the Mahadevapura Police Station, continuing to punch him along the way. The extremists also reportedly beat him right in front of the police station, and police officers watched without saying a word or doing anything to stop the assault. At last report, the pastor was still in custody. Pray that God will heal this pastor's physical wounds and minister to him during this challenging time.


Anonymous said...

Praise The Lord!

Dear Kent, I once read about a Christian man -- pastor or not? I think so, but don't exactly remember. (Certainly he was doing the work of a pastor / evangelist, 2 Timothy 4:5). This man was living with other men in a very cold place, which was a crude room or cave. I believe it was somewhere in Siberia. Whenever he was caught preaching to and teaching his "underground" flock of Christians, the "police" would chain him to a cold rock [I think it was] wall for awhile with very little food. Whenever he was released, he would go back and do this again. His little flock would say: "Yanish, why do you keep this up?" He would say that he must (1 Corinthians 9:16) and would add: "When I am there, chained to that wall, I can feel and know Jesus so close to me in ways I cannot describe." --Dad
Prayer: Dear Father in Heaven, we do come to You, through our Lord Jesus Christ, Who stood up from His throne at Your right Hand, for His Martyr, Stephen. And, humbly, we request Your compassionate intervention in this case of Pastor Johnson, Lord, who has been victimized for the Gospel and sake of our Savior by more than 20 Hindu extremists from the Bajrang Dal group in Udayanagar, near Bangalore, India. Dr. Wesley Gerig once told me that he believes you give men "dying grace." Granted, Lord, I'm certain Pastor Johnson comes near this often. Although his "inner [spiritual] man is being ever renewed," his physical condition is often crushed. (2 Corinthians 4:16) Indeed, Lord God, we have a High Priest who IS TOUCHED with THE FEELINGS of our infirmities. Please remember our brother, who is of great faith and, thus, is an ally of THE FAITH of which You have authored, Lord (Hebrews 4:15; 12:2). Please heal, strengthen and deliver Pastor Johnson, according to Your matchless goodness and power and will. We all do, reverently, so ascribe to You the worship and the glory for this. This, Lord, in Jesus' precious name -- asking. In Your marvelous mercy grant the conversions of of Pastor Johnson's persecutors. This, too, we know he would want, being happy to endure all such, no doubt, for even their salvation and love from Heaven (Luke 23:34; Acts 7:60). Thank You; thank You; THANK YOU, Holy Father. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kent,


I traveled down a lonely road,
But no one seemed to care.
The burden on my weary back
Had bowed me to despair.
I oft complained to Jesus
How folks were treating me.
And then I heard Him say
So tenderly.

"If just a cup of water
I place within your hand.
Then just a cup of water
Is all that I demand.
Be faithful weary pilgrim,
The morning I can see.
Just take your cross,
Follow close to me."

O, Jesus, if I die
Upon a foreign field some day;
'Twould be no more than love demands.
No less could I repay.
So, if by death to living,
Men shall Thy glory see,
I'll take my cross
And follow close to Thee.

"I left the throne of glory,
And counted it but loss.
My hands were nailed in anger
Up on a cruel cross.
Be faithful weary pilgrim,
The morning I can see."
I'll take my cross
And follow close to Thee.

(Authorship of Missions Song is unknown to me. Credits on standby.)