Thursday, March 24, 2011

Soft Persecution of Christians in America

Defining persecution is a bit tricky.

Severe forms of persecution are obvious, but does persecution occur in America? I think so, but not like in China or India or Afghanistan or Ethiopia.

Here Christians are often marginalized and mocked. Many other groups are generally protected by political correctness, but Christians are open targets. It’s okay for Hollywood, the media, and the politicians to belittle Christians.

I remember reading Bernard Goldberg’s book about the bias of news media. Goldberg, who worked for CBS News, tells about a CBS Weekend News conference call he was in on. They were discussing various current events, and Gary Bauer’s name came up. Bauer was the president of the Family Research Council at the time, a Christian organization. During the course of the conference call, someone referred to Bauer as “the little nut from the Christian group.” What especially stunned Goldberg was that no one showed any concern for her open disrespect. There would have been rebukes if she had referred to Jesse Jackson in a similar way, or if she had referred to a homosexual advocate in that way. (Bias 127-128)

The point is that mild forms of persecution exist in America.

Further, if spiritual trends continue, it appears more vigorous forms are coming. If our nation continues to go godless and continues to worsen, the godly will increasingly become targets.

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