Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baseball's Dream Team Stuck in a Nightmare

Opening day of Major League Baseball I was listening to The Herd on ESPN radio. Colin Cowherd was reporting how the writers and broadcasters at ESPN had all made their picks for the playoffs and the World Series, who would be in and who would win.

The majority had picked the Red Sox to win the World Series. They looked that good.

The Red Sox are currently 2-9. They lost their first 6 games. They have the worst record in baseball right now. I know there's still 151 games to go in the regular season, but it sure is interesting, isn't it?

None of the #1 nor #2 seeds made it into the Final Four of the NCAA tournament. It was a 3-seed, 4-seed, 8-seed, and 11-seed.

Projections and expectations only go so far. We are so limited, even in fields where we are "expert." There is room for humility.

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