Monday, April 11, 2011

Doggone Good

Dogs are not my favorite animal, but I enjoyed Dog on It, by Spencer Quinn. I read this one aloud to Sara, and there were a couple times I had to stop reading because we were both laughing so hard.

Dog on It is a detective story told from the dog's point-of-view, and it is well done, because the storytelling feels like the way a dog would tell it if a dog could tell it. The idiosyncrasies we suppose dogs have are integrated into Chet's (the dog's) personality as he tells the story: he's intensely loyal to his owner, will eat practically anything, is proud of everything his nose can detect, hates cats, loves to dig, has a sort of canine ADD, and enjoys riding shotgun with the top down.

Chet lives with a private investigator who is good at his work, low on his funds, and just a little low in general since his divorce has separated him from his son. The particular case that Dog on It dwells on is a decent mystery. What makes the book special is Chet's storytelling.

The series is apparently doing well since book 4 of Chet and Bernie is due out soon.

First line: "I could smell him--or rather the booze on his breath--before he even opened the door, but my sense of smell is pretty good, probably better than yours."

Last line: "I rose, ran to the back fence, and leaped over, soaring into the night."

My rating (out of 5): 4

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