Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Basement Renovation in Progress

With a new bedroom, the girls will be able to spread out.  Caty will get her own room, and Anna and Callie will be left to themselves.  Andrew also gets a new room as he shifts into the girls' old room and Caty moves into his old room.  With a new half bath, we envision less "potty dances" outside the bathroom door.

My brother-in-law Shane is overseeing and doing the lion's share of the renovation, but we have enjoyed the help of various relatives and neighbors, including my dad, Sara's dad, Andrew, Dennis, David, Dylan, Anna, Michelle, and Callie, not to mention the tireless energy of my wife who is driving this whole project and exhausting herself with countless trips to Lowe's and Menards.

 framing in Anna & Callie's new bedroom

 my dad and Shane hang drywall in the girls' new room

 the new half bath getting framed

 lunch for the hard-at-work

 around the table, beginning on the left: Shane, Andrew, David, Stan, Ralph

Andrew muds the ceiling (and no, he's not on a step stool)

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MMR said...

Andrew is tall, and I don't envy all of the work that you have going on. (Well, I wouldn't mind a lot of that work happening at my house but I don't want to do it.) Glad to see that things are going well.