Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Good Advice on Time Management

Want to be productive?
Feel like you're too busy to be productive?

Me, too.

Douglas Wilson posted a well-written piece on time management, "Seven Thoughts on Time Management." 

By reading his post you may learn something about both time management and good writing.  I think my favorite line in the whole piece is, "I typed the outline for this with my thumbs while sitting in a comfy chair at the mall while my wife was being a merchant ship that brings goods from afar."  No comment as to why that might be my favorite line.


j.scantlin said...

Oooooh ... turrrrtllllle

j.scantlin said...

Borrowing great ideas can always help your own writing too, like "anything worth doing is worth doing badly" is a quote now three layers deep in your own post here (you, pointing to Douglas Wilson, who quotes Chesterton). I often enjoy the content of your blog because you spread great ideas even when they didn't originate with you.