Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Helpfulness of the Piper - Warren Video

I recently posted a video of John Piper interviewing Rick Warren.  When someone asked me what I thought about the video, I emailed back to her a response that included the following:

Do I think Warren's perfect? No. Is he a heretic? I don't think so. Is he burdened for the lost? Absolutely! Is he faithful to the gospel. Yes!

What the video does is this:

1) It allows Rick to speak for himself.

2) It makes very clear his doctrinal positions. (That's what Piper wanted to uncover.) And his doctrinal positions are well within orthodoxy.

3) It makes clear his passion for the lost. He wants to see people saved, to enter into a faith-based relationship with Jesus Christ.

4) It makes clear the connection between his "social gospel" and his "spiritual gospel" (probably not the best way to put it). In other words, he desires to meet people's physical needs SO THAT he will be in a better position to address people's spiritual needs.

5) It makes clear why he has been involved in some political things (w/ Obama, McCain, etc.). Very interesting point.

6) It gives Rick a chance to respond to critics of his book. Some criticisms he definitely takes to heart, especially in the section about how he would write the book differently if he would write it today.

7) It makes clear that he's definitely not part of the Emergent Church.

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