Thursday, June 9, 2011

If Nature Is Awesome Now, What about Then?!

Sunday afternoon found me driving to Archbold, Ohio, along the U.S. 24.  The sun was out in full strength, and my windows were down.

I was treated to the beauty of God's creation, and I worshipped the Creator as a result.  I marveled at all the flat fields stretching away from me in all directions, many of them tamed and patterned by tractors.  Houses and other structures, as well as stands of trees, occasionally broke up the landscape and added to the beauty of the whole scene that was splayed before me for miles.

In Defiance, Ohio, I turned north onto state route 66.  I stopped at Meijer for gas and a couple doughnuts.  Then I continued my pleasurable drive until I reached Archbold, almost too soon.

The Scriptures teach that nature is fallen.  It fell when mankind fell in the Garden, and it is out-of-sorts even as humanity is.

If that is the case--and it is--and still it is beautiful and awesome and glorious, what will it be like when everything is restored?  If we are in awe of sunrises and sunsets now, of majestic mountains and the Grand Canyon and flat fields on sunny days, when creation is frustrated and decaying and erratic, how much more overcome with awe will we be in the new heavens and new earth!?

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