Sunday, July 24, 2011


My credit union's tellers seem able to use their inside voice until they start counting out the money I'm withdrawing; then it's "FIFTY! ONE HUNDRED! ONE HUNDRED FIFTY! ..." Thanks, but I kind of wanted how much cash I had on me to be a little bit of a secret.

When it comes to birds, I'd prefer 2 in the bush over 1 in the hand.

Kids: they never seem to have the know how and the want to at the same. When they're young, they have the want to but not the know how; when they're older the situation is reversed.

While driving one afternoon, I saw a guy stop his pickup (with a lawn service logo on the side) in the middle of a 4-lane rd., step out, grab some roadkill by the tail, and sling it in the bed. What's that all about? Is OmniSource paying for dead critters now?

At some point even a dry heat is a little too much to bear.

Sunday mornings people diligently get up to walk their dogs, but not to worship the living God.

I don't think the government can fix our debt problem. No one can at this point except God. Confession of sin & prayer are what's needed.

A lot of interesting people were down at Three Rivers Festival. And by "interesting" I mean different. And by "different" I think I mean weird.

So is it better that I usually have to discipline my kids for stuff they don't do as opposed to stuff they do?

Mothers, don't let your sons grow up to be idiots.

Some thought Jesus was crazy (Mark 3:21), but it was us who were out of kilter, not him. He came to put us in our right mind (Mk 5:15).

Parents who fail to discipline are feeding their child's inner hellion.