Monday, August 8, 2011

Friction with the World

a church in Laos

On March 21 Muslims shot Jamil (25) and another man at church.  Sana, Jamil's widow after 1 month of marriage, is losing to her grief.  Sosan, the other man's widow, is now a single parent of 6 kids.  (Pakistan)

On July 19, I was preparing a Bible study lesson on Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and the fiery furnace.  On the same day, a mob attacked the homes of 5 Christian families and destroyed much of their possessions.  (Sri Lanka)

Recently, Noy and his family were forced from his in-laws' home, where they lived, because he took his daughter to a hospital instead of a witch doctor.  His daughter recovered, but Noy, his wife, and 2 children were left without clothing or tools for cooking and farming.  Voice of the Martyrs helped them buy a house.  (Laos)

On June 26, I preached about Elijah being fed by the ravens.  On the same day Pastor T, a Mennonite from Ho Chi Minh City, was arrested and severely beaten and denied visitation by his wife.  Since then he has been taken to an unknown location.  (Vietnam)

On June 8, I taught on the resurrection of Jesus in our evening Bible study.  On the same day, Hindus invaded Pastor Ninama's house and beat his father (65), sister, wife, and 3 children.  This had happened one other time, and Hindus are now threatening his life.  (India) 

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