Monday, August 29, 2011

Great Memories of Our First Years of Marriage

During years 2, 3, and 4 of our marriage, Sara and I lived in the farther northern suburbs of Chicago.
On August 18, the second day of our 21st year married, Sara and I drove around remembering, and enjoying the memories.
Having checked into our Courtyard hotel in Lincolnshire, we decided to head in to Mundelein to Bill’s Pizza Pub, a memorable pizza place from our past.  Just down from the Courtyard was the McDonald’s we ate at when we first visited Trinity before we even married.  While in Bill’s parking lot, we changed our minds and decided to drive up to Round Lake Beach to see if Olando’s Pizza was still there.  Olando’s is my absolute favorite pizza place anywhere (better than Geno’s East, better than Giordano’s).  Along the way were delightful memories.  The changes in all the suburbs were incredible.  Landmarks were gone.  Roads were re-routed.  New homes, apartment buildings, and businesses were everywhere.  Everything seemed more populated.
Townline Road through Mundelein and Vernon Hills was packed and slow as ever.  But there was the Olive Garden we ate at once or twice.  There was Consumers Credit Union on Rte. 83.  Just a bank, right?  But a memory, a connection with a wonderful time in our lives, and therefore a memory that made me smile.  I was there often.  Sara remembered our insurance agent’s office on Rte. 83, but neither of us could remember his name.  There was the Lake Co. Housing Authority where Sara worked for 10 months when we first moved up to Illinois.  Getting that job was of the Lord; seriously.  Then Motorola up on the right.  Lots of building around it now.  I worked there the summer of ’94.  How did I even get that job?  Not even Sara could remember.  I’m guessing it was through a temp. agency.  We remembered eating at the Red Noodle once.  The Round Lake Beach Wal-Mart where I worked the summer of ’93 was gone!  Where did they move to?! 

But Olando’s was still there, and what a pleasure that was!  Sara got the loaded salad she fondly remembered as well as Olando’s typically huge slice of pepperoni.  I had two slices, which is a little more than a meal—1 sausage and 1 mega-meat.  Two Diet Pepsis completed our meal.  We grabbed our food and pop and ate in the parking lot of the neighboring bank.  Wow!  What a meal!  We drove on to Ingleside to the apartment we called home and the complex Sara managed.  The property is no longer Water’s Edge.  It’s been sold and apparently combined with the complex across the pond.  The apartments appear to be well-maintained, though Sara couldn’t help noticing some vacancies.  Another memory: the Lord’s helping Sara to rent apartments and significantly reduce the number of vacancies.  M. Myers Properties was pleased with her management. 

On in to Fox Lake, right next to Ingleside.  Up there should be the library we frequented.  We rented movies there from time to time for $1 each, I think; a good deal at the time.  Wow!  They expanded it!  It’s not the small affair it used to be.  There’s Dino’s.  Sara ate there once.  Hey!  The Dunkin’ Donuts is still there.  I remember going there with Kent Miller when he and Debby visited.  But the Little Caesar’s was gone.  Heading south on 59, which was part of my route to Trinity each day, we passed the familiar Volo bog.  But wow, is Volo itself built up now.  On through Buffalo Grove.  Down that road is where Bob and Jeanette moved to.  We remembered eating at their place a couple times.  Hannah was just a toddler.  Bob and I car-pooled to Trinity during my first year.
September 1992-June 1995.  We loved our time in Illinois.  The Lord forged us together as a couple.  Removed from other family, we learned to depend on one another.  Great memories.  Thank you, Lord, for those 3 years, and thank you for these 3 days to remember and smile.

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