Saturday, August 6, 2011

John Stott

John Stott, Evangelical, Anglican, 1921-2011
John R. W. Stott made the move from this life to the next on July 27.  On that day I took my kids to their sports practices, gave Andrew his first driving lesson, ran some errands with Callie, and packed for our trip to Kentucky.  But John Stott left all these earthly cares and entered his eternal rest and joy.

I thank the Lord for John Stott.  I have benefitted from his writings.  His commentary on 1 John continues to shape the way I think about that letter.  His commentary on the Sermon on the Mount and his concept of counter-cultural Christianity have also left lasting impressions on me.  He had an uncanny ability for exposition, a knack for outlining and summarizing biblical material in a way I could easily grasp.  And he could do it in fewer words than many other commentators.  I like Moo’s commentary on Romans, for example—it’s very good; but Dr. Stott’s is very helpful when I don’t have the time to read Moo.  The other Stott commentary I love is Acts.

Your Mind Matters encouraged me to love the Lord with all my mind.  I still turn to The Authentic Jesus for his exposition of Luke 1:1-4.  His book on the Holy Spirit (Baptism and Fullness) I found balanced (as Stott often is).  Without a doubt my favorite Stott book is The Cross of Christ.  How that deepened my understanding of the cross, widened my view of its implications, increased my appreciation of God’s wisdom, and multiplied my reverence and love for our Triune God!

Sara and I heard John Stott preach once.  He spoke at a chapel service when I was at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (early 1990s).  He had rosy red cheeks, and he preached out of 1 Cor 4.

I benefitted from his writings, his preaching (once), and from his example.  He loved the Lord, he loved the Word, and he was committed to evangelism and missions.  Like his writings, his life was characterized by a godly balance in the service of the Lord Jesus.

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