Monday, September 19, 2011

Pony Up for Tony

As Tony Bennett celebrates his 85th birthday, Barnes & Noble is selling all his music on--get this--73 CDs and 3 DVDs.  You can buy the whole collection for a penny short of $400.

I'm amazed.  Who will buy this?  No doubt there are many Tony Bennett fans with disposable income who would like to have every single Bennett song recorded at their fingertips.  But wow!  Will any owner of this collection actually listen to every CD?  I can't think of any artist I would want 73 CDs of.


j.scantlin said...

I'm hurt.

Anonymous said...


Awe, now that's touching, Jeff. Touching. ;-)

Kent S said...

Jeff, your music is so awesome I think it would take me a lifetime to digest the themes and intricacies of just one of your CDs. There's such thing as "too much of a good thing." Everyone knows eating a ton of celery will kill you. And I think, just possibly, listening to more than one of your CDs might have the same effect. (But if you have extras, I could use them as coasters.)