Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Have Full & Unshakeable Joy

Below is Martyn Lloyd-Jones's outline of 1 John, the central theme of which he believes is obtaining and increasing one's joy in the Lord, no matter what's going on in the world around us.  This is taken from his sermon "How to Know the Joy."

I.              The conditions essential for obtaining this abiding joy (1-3)
A.   Believe on Christ and know him; have fellowship with him (1:1-3)
B.   How to maintain fellowship (1:3-2:28)
1.    Sin and unrighteousness hinder us (1:5-2:2)
2.    Lack of love for the brethren hinders us (2:3)
3.    Love for the world hinders us
4.    False teaching about Jesus Christ hinders us
5.    But a great source of comfort and strengthening for us is the Holy Spirit
C.   Another essential is a conscious possession of eternal life (2:28-3:24)
1.    Failure to keep God’s commands hinders us
2.    Lack of love to the brethren hinders us
3.    False teaching about Jesus hinders us
4.    We’re reminded again of the Holy Spirit (3:24)

II.            Exhortation to practice these principles in an active manner (4:1-5:9)
A.   Make certain of the spirits (Make sure the one in you is the Holy Spirit)
B.   Make certain you are dwelling in the love of God (4:7-21)
C.   Make certain you are actively keeping his commandments and overcoming the world opposed to you
D.   Make certain you hold right views of Christ and are in a right relationships with him (5:5-9)

III.           The results of doing all this (5:10-21)
A.   Consequence #1: You will have assurance that you are a child of God
B.   Consequence #2: You will have confidence in prayer
C.   Consequence #3: You will have victory and conquest over sin and the world
D.   Final result of it all: You will know in the very depths of your life and being that you are a child of God

The doctrines brought up in the letter
The incarnation
The atonement
Regeneration and the rebirth
The devil
The second coming and the return of the Lord

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