Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where Would You Live?

One of my friends asked me yesterday, "If you could move anywhere you wanted, and everything else (jobs, family, etc.) fell in place, where would you go?"

Well, I know where I wouldn't go. 

Not Florida.  Not Louisiana.  Not Mississippi.  I do not want to be hot and sticky all the time.

Not Arizona.  I realize it's a dry heat, but it's still hot.  Not interested.

I've always wanted to visit San Antonio, and I think there are some aspects of Texas I would enjoy, but the heat would not be one of them.

Before I'd decide, I think I would check out the political, social, and economic situation of the state as well.  (A few years ago, this probably wouldn't have been an issue.)

So not California.

Definitely not a major city, like Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, or New York.  Though San Francisco is beautiful, I understand, I don't think so.

My answer to my friend was "Probably out west, like Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado."  I traveled out west as a teen in the summers of 1984 and 1985, and I loved the mountains.

Honestly though, I love where I'm at.  I love having four seasons.  I love the variety.  I enjoy breezy Springs, crisp Autumns, and white Christmases.  I like warm Summers (though not hot).  The idea that Santa might have to deliver in shorts and a tank top loses something for me. 

Here I don't have to deal with hurricanes or forest fires.  Tornadoes, yes; but they're hit and miss.  The occasional blizzard, yes; but if you're prepared, there's a certain fun in waiting them out.  The power-crippling ice storm a couple years ago: not so fun.  There are down sides to every place.  There are here in northern Indiana, but for me the pluses far outweigh the minuses.

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