Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Answers to Prayer

A whole rash of answered prayers in the last few days has been a big encouragement.  (Some names below are intentionally blank.)

A---- has had a serious grudge against a family member, and has asked me and others to pray about her unforgiveness.  A week ago she said the Lord lifted that bitterness from her.

The Lord carried Suzanne through a dramatic pregnancy, and he brought Jacob safely into the world yesterday.

The Lord oversaw what could have been a difficult meeting with Andrew's coaches, and it went very well.

He cancelled my jury duty for today.

I've seen some hints of spiritual interest in one of mine.

Despite the fact that Sara was not able to take the kids to Winter Jam Sunday, the Lord provided decent seats for them at that concert.

Sara's back was dramatically healed on Sunday after she couldn't even sit up in bed earlier that morning.

A----, unemployed for a few months now and close to retirement age, got a job out of the blue a couple weeks ago.

A---- and B----'s relationship has improved a lot over the last several months.

Though she hasn't been able to be in the office much lately, a new client called Sara at home this evening to enlist her to help them buy a house.

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