Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Coming to an End?

My favorite bookstore was featured in Sunday's Journal Gazette.  The scariest statement in the whole article was this:

Sam takes the view that bookstores are coming to an end, ready to be replaced by digital books ...

I hope not.

The article highlighted the relationship between Sam and Joel Hyde and their eventual business parting.

It should be noted that Joel does not agree with his brother's opinion on the future of bookstores.

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Anonymous said...


Dear Kent,

Because of the rapid advance of electronic technology in practically every field in our times, I suspect almost without question electronic "books" will have a big place in future markets, should the Lord tarry. However, these things are so fetal, if you will, in their progress as yet. I believe hand-made everything such as musical instruments, clothes, inventions, crafts, vehicle parts, games and even sheet music will continue in the world at large for some time. Electronic replacements may slow some of these things and much more, without question. But I doubt all literature, such as books, newspapers, hand-written notes (especially the Bible, which outsells all other books on earth every year) will come to total cessations of hand-written or mechanical reproduction. For thousands of years "Thus says the LORD," has been given to men on earth from heaven by -- if you will -- mechanical inscription and reproduction. While the increase of knowledge is prophetic as a sign of the end of this age, that fact is also terminal in and of itself (Daniel 12:4). Electronic Technology is still in its babyhood as far as world history is concerned. The speed of its growth shows its position on history's stage. This I believe. Therefore, I don't believe the complete overtaking of marketers of "the printed page" such as bookstores will disappear before Christ returns. Surely, there's not enough time left for that. Therefore, I lean toward Joel Hyde's opinion. --Dad