Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Great Date with My Sara

This past Thursday evening Sara and I went on our first date of the new year.  (Eleven more to come, hopefully.)

First, dinner at Lone Star.  She got chicken, I got beef.  She got a sweet potato, I got mashed potatoes.  Chips and spinach artichoke dip on the front end and chocolate cake for dessert rounded things out.  The best restaurant meal I've had in quite a while.  Everything was packed with flavor!

In the booth across from us sat a family with a loud, crying 2-year-old.  Eventually, the dad took her out to the car and just sat out there with her.  Later the grandma apologized to us.  We waved it off with, "Been there, done that."  It didn't bother us.  In fact it brought a small measure of joy just to know that we're past that (I think).

Next, a little leisure shopping at Family Christian Store and at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

After that, we went to Panera, where Sara got a drink and we sat and talked, trying to coordinate our crazy calendars and hammer out some issues. 

I used to make fun of the Ungame.  Who wants to play a game with no winner?  But before our date I grabbed a stack of question cards, and at Panera I set them on the table.  We drew cards and answered the questions.  It drew our conversation out of familiar paths, stirred up memories, ignited unused synapses, and dusted off topics which had sat a while in storage.  How blessed I am with my Sara!  What a joy and a privilege to have walked 20+ years with her now!

Rounded off our date browsing the racks at Barnes and Noble.

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