Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Whole Different Perspective

I've been told that subscriptions for Alliance Weekly shot up dramatically during the time A. W. Tozer edited the publication.  The editorial by A. W. Tozer was the most popular column in the magazine.

That's the way I feel about Voice of the Martyrs' monthly publication.  I love Tom White's column at the beginning.  It's rich and deep and challenging.

Here's a sample from this month's column which offers a perspective we don't hear these days:

To present the persecution of Christians as "wrong" or "unjust" is half-baked theology.  Jesus prophesied that persecution can be a natural outcome of our witness.  It is right to cry out for justice for all who suffer violence or oppression.  However, it is wrong to believe that the unjust treatment of Christians cannot be part of God's plan.  The promotion of human rights is not a substitute for the message of cross-bearing as a universal rite of passage for believers.

I met a house church leader in *** who has been arrested seven times and spent years in jails, prisons and labor camps.  In his particular "house group," ... they use New Testament scriptures to teach that persecution can be a normal part of the Christian experience.  Today he teaches in caves, factories, fields and apartments, mostly leading seven-week courses broken up one week at a time to avoid detection....  Their sky is not falling.  I asked this house church leader how his imprisonments have affected his teaching sessions, and, as he ate a piece of melon ..., he replied, "Jesus loved me so much that he sent me to prison."

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