Sunday, May 13, 2012

At least I enjoyed Mother's Day

This is sort of a "Dear Diary" post.  Started the day with a walk around the park, praying Ephesians 3:15ff. for my kids and me.  (How wonderful to have a park at the end of the block!)  Sunday School and church were good.  I particularly enjoyed the music during the worship service, and Pastor Ryan's sermon was good, too.  Had some good conversations with a couple of people.  (Lot of "goods," I guess.)

Took Sara and the kids out to Fazoli's for lunch.  My parents came along, too.  That was nice and relaxing.  My mom was easy to please.  She wanted hard copies of blog posts from this blog as a gift. 

Home, Sara took a nap, and I began outside/yard work, that took me about 3 hours total, including swing set maintenance, mowing and (hand) trimming, and talking with my nephew Calvin.

From there the day went downhill for Sara.  She had to catch up on grading the kids schoolwork, and in the process she discovered a lot of holes.  She took a good chunk of time with Anna going over work, and she had an unpleasant meeting of the minds with another child about school-related issues.  She was stuck in the basement most of the last half of the day on such a beautiful day.

Ran over to my in laws to take care of a couple things for them.  Caty went with me, and we had some good conversation.  Played some games involving a ball with Callie in the backyard; later played catch with Anna in the backyard--the freshly mowed backyard, I might add.  Also folded laundry, graded math, and made up Anna's next two Bible assignments.

Regret: very little reading done today.  Same with yesterday.

On top of Sara's frustrations with the kids, she had a long phone conversation with a client who is being a bit stubborn and unreasonable at the same time.  I hope she sleeps well tonight.

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