Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I wonder if Walt's talked to Chuck yet

Shortly after I heard of Chuck Colson's death (a little over a week ago), I thought of my friend Walt Pflueger, who entered into Heaven a couple years before Chuck.

Walt was an elder in our church, and he loved to study the Bible and to read Christian literature.  One of his favorites authors was Chuck Colson.  He and I both enjoyed How Now Shall We Live? 

My mom and I were talking about Chuck Colson's death, and I mentioned to her, "When I first heard about Colson's death, I wondered how soon it would be before Walt got to talk to Chuck and tell him how much he appreciated his writings and his work."

What wonderful realities the Lord Jesus has made possible for us through his crucifixion and resurrection!  His crucifixion erases our condemnation, and his resurrection opens the way for our own.  Heaven, eternal life, and the fellowship of all who have submitted to Christ in faith--how bright is the future of each one who follows him!

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