Tuesday, May 8, 2012

True story

The church of a pastor friend of mine recently completed the floor of their new activity center.  The primary feature is a basketball court.

A week ago, as he was conducting staff meeting, my friend mentioned to his associates that he was thinking about playing basketball in the open gym that night.  Then he told them that his wife was nervous about him doing that, nervous that he might hurt himself.  In fact, she had had a dream about him getting hurt playing basketball.  His associates then warned him that he should listen to his wife, even as Pilate should have listened to his.

Then one of their interns accidentally dialled 911 while his phone was in his pocket.  All of a sudden they all heard, "This is 911.  What's the emergency?"  The associates then resumed warning him not to play that night.

You know where the story's going, don't you? 

My friend ignored the signs and played.  With five minutes left in the game, he fell, breaking his arm in two places, and bad enough to lose blood.  The funny thing is, no one was near him.  He passed the ball, lost his balance, and fell.

I guess the moral of the story might be, listen to wifey.

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MMR said...

Always listen to the wife.