Friday, May 4, 2012

Yesterday was lovely

Yesterday was lovely. 

The weather was beautiful, and I accomplished things I wished to accomplish.  I ran 2.6 miles.  I attended the National Day of Prayer city prayer meeting at the Grand Wayne Center.  I talked some with my parents.  I resisted the temptation to seclude myself at lunch and ate at home with my girls.  I had some great conversations with various individuals at the funeral home.  I also worked through some math with Caty, got most of the grass mowed, read to Anna, and got some personal reading in as well.  On top of that Sara had a good business day, had a good time of exercise this morning, and prepared a delicious supper.  On top of that, my kids are all healthy and maturing.

I don't know if today will be lovely.

Yesterday, as I was driving Andrew home, I saw a younger man walking out of his garage, possibly to do some yard work.  He was many pounds overweight, and I thought, "He looks healthy and fine now, but some day he's going to find himself in bed, his body sick."  Then I thought about the human heart and what a fine piece of machinery that is that God made.  But it eventually gives out.  I have enjoyed good health all my 42 years of life, but it's quite likely that will change at some point. 

Many things could go wrong to mar today.  So 1) may God give me the grace to receive this day from his hand, however it's handed to me, in a manner that is consistent with my calling in Christ Jesus; and 2) praise the Lord for my inheritance in Christ Jesus, for while I know that perhaps many days yet await me that will be far from lovely, I also know that the end of my journey here, because of Christ, will issue forth in an eternity of lovely days.

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