Friday, August 17, 2012

The virtue of jealousy

Douglas Wilson, pastor in Moscow, Idaho, explains good jealousy in his marriage book, For a Glory and a Covering:

"Godly jealousy is not really about making particular accusations—jealousy builds a fence but does not make assertions about the individuals who don’t know why you put the fence there.  You can lock your doors at night without accusing every person who walks by of attempted thievery, and you can pull back when someone crosses your “friendly line” without accusing that person of “attempted adultery.”  Godly jealousy sets particular standards—for friendships, for get-togethers, for business lunches, for entertainment standards, for dress, and so on.  Many fathers, for example, are not nearly jealous enough when it comes to how their daughters dress.  And they might be surprised at how much it costs to have a daughter look that cheap…. 

"A man or woman should be jealous over things like sexual infidelity, emotional flirtation, significant amounts of time spent elsewhere when it should be spent at home, money squandered when it should be invested in the home, and so forth."

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