Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Examples of "It's a small world"

While visiting with a family from church, Gerry told me about a time when his dad took him over to the Alpine to play guitar for a party involving Bob H.  "Who did you say?" I asked. 

Flashback to yesterday when Pat asked me what Terry H.'s son's name was.  It wasn't Bob, was it?  No.  OK, because Bob H. from I&M is coming over today.

"Gerry, does Bob H. still live in town?"  Yes.  "Where does he work?"  Oh, he's been with I&M for years.  "How are you connected with him?" He was my sister Cheryl's first husband. 

So I told Pat: Bob H. isn't connected with Terry H., but he IS connected ... to Gerry and the family.  Small world.

Further conversation revealed that Esther and Vicki sing in a multi-church choir where Shirley P. has been the organist.  She was my elementary music teacher, and I took organ lessons from her for 5 years as a teen.

The pianist is Larry M.  He was the director of the Summit City Chorus when Jeff, my dad, and I sang in it.  He also trained Jeff's and my barbershop quartet.  Small world.

Shirley P. was, as mentioned above, my first elementary school music teacher.  My second music teacher was Phyllis B.  Before I was even born, my future mother-in-law roomed with one and then the other when they were in college.  Small world.

Pat relayed this to me today: Eric and Amy, when they were dating, discovered they were second cousins by marriage and they had once been in the same wedding together as young-uns, him a groomsman, her a flower girl.  They later had a wedding of their own.  Small world.

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