Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thankful for release

Idiopathic neuropathy was the eventual diagnosis for my wife's pain that exploded in her body and hung on in her extremities, primarily the feet and hands, for a few years.  "Idiopathic" means "unknown cause."

She was on strong meds for a few years, and then she began to cut back some, eventually reaching 75% reduction in med strength.  The Lord was healing her. 

Then she tried going off the meds completely a few times, but unsuccessfully.  Until a few months ago.

Today she saw Dr. Shah, and he gave her a full release from his care! 

Eight years ago was when the neuropathy set in.  What a journey.  We don't know what caused it, but we do know the Lord has healed her from it.

This release is reason for praise.

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