Monday, October 29, 2012

Read the Bible like a book

Read the Bible for information.

I've encouraged students to not just read the Bible, but to study it and meditate on it.  We took a few weeks in my Sunday School class earlier this year to talk about different ways to study the Bible.

I still believe that walking through Scripture slowly, taking time to observe details and dig deep, is important.

But in this post, I just want to advocate simple Bible reading.  Biblical illiteracy is not only a mark of Americans, it’s a mark of American Christians.

So read the Bible just to know it.  Just to know the stories.  Just to know the details.  Just to know the names and the facts. 

Each time you read, you’ll pick up more details.  Names like Mephibosheth, Gehazi, and Ehud won’t seem so strange to you.  And the more details and stories you know, the more the Holy Spirit will help you draw deeper connections between Scriptures.  The difficult Scriptures will become clearer in the light of other Scriptures.

What’s your Bible knowledge right now on a scale of 1 to 10?  A three?  A seven?  Reading the Bible regularly—how can that number not go up a year from now?

There’s a place for studying Scripture and meditating on it; I firmly believe that.  But there’s also a place for reading Scripture through without taking notes.  Reading through it in a year.  Reading through it in 2 years.  Reading through it in 4 months (10 chapters a day).
So read it for information.

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