Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Apologetics isn't always required

Simply telling about your faith is often persuasive
Don’t feel like you have to explain everything. Don’t feel like you have to have all the answers.

When it comes to telling others about anything Christian, don’t feel like you have to explain everything.
It’s easy to think that unless you explain everything carefully and thoroughly, your friend or co-worker or the guy at Wal Mart isn’t going to be persuaded by the truth of Christianity. And if that’s the way you think, then the thought that follows is, “Why bother?”
Now there’s a place for apologetics. There’s a place for a careful, reasoned, evidence-filled presentation of the Christian faith.
But let me tell you something else. The devil may be the biggest promoter of Christian apologetics there is. Why? Because he knows most of us aren’t experts in Christian apologetics. So if he can get us to believe that apologetics is absolutely essential to the conversion of anyone, then he’s cowed us into not talking to others about our faith.
Here’s the point: There is power in simply telling, so don’t be afraid to simply tell. I did not say “simply telling and defending;” just, “simply telling.”
People tell us stuff all the time that we believe as true without them going into reasons why. People don’t always require explanations in the real world. Sometimes they do, but not always.
Further, we as believers have added power in our witness; he’s the Holy Spirit. “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses…” (Acts 1:8).

Many times all you have to do is tell the truth, not defend it. Even those who clamor for proof may not be able to shake the persuasive power of the truth you share and the Holy Spirit’s heavy hand of conviction. So even on those occasions when people ask you for reasons and evidence and you can’t seem to satisfy them, don’t automatically think the truth has dropped from their minds. What they wave away may in fact be eating away at the lies and deception that cocoon their hearts and minds.

Don’t feel like you have to explain everything. Don’t be afraid to simply tell.

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