Thursday, December 20, 2012

Root problem of gun violence is character

The way in which gun talk has dominated the news in recent days is incredible.  The Newtown tragedy that provoked the national discussion is horrible.

The debate is nothing less than a clash of worldviews.  I'm not necessarily opposed to some forms of gun control.  It seems we have a fair measure of gun control as it is.  The reality is that we will never get rid of all the guns.

The root problem, however, (and this is my worldview talking) is not guns.  The root problem is character, or lack thereof. 

I have a few friends who legally carry guns.  Am I concerned for my safety or the safety of my children when we're with them?  Not at all.  They are men of character.  Now if I were with a scoundrel who had a gun, I might be looking for a way to exit his presence soon. 

Notice the difference in those two scenarios.  It's not the gun that makes the difference, it's the person who holds the gun. 

Now the point could be made that if the scoundrel didn't have a gun, I wouldn't be as concerned.  And that's a fair point.  But don't make it so that honest people who obey the laws cannot obtain guns, but scoundrels who ignore guns can still obtain guns illegally.  It makes no sense to unbalance the equation further by making guns among the honest scarcer while the number of gun-possessing scoundrels remains the same.

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