Sunday, December 23, 2012

You should read J. B. Phillips' New Testament

The New Testament in Modern EnglishThe New Testament in Modern English by J.B. Phillips
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A couple quotes can sum up this book. The book is about the mission and work of the Son of God

("Christ Jesus entered the world to rescue sinners." [1 Timothy 1:15])

and the resultant transformation of the people of God

("But you are God's 'chosen generation,' his 'royal priesthood,' his 'holy nation,' his 'peculiar people' ... In the past you were not 'a people' at all: now you are the people of God. In the past you had no experience of his mercy, but now it is intimately yours.'" [1 Peter 2:9-10]).

This translation is delightful to read as it is homey and thought-provoking, even on familiar passages.

Beyond that, some of the wording was just plain fun, like:

"What is this cock sparrow trying to say?" (Acts 17:18)

Meanwhile some were shouting one thing and some another, and the whole assembly was at sixes and sevens, for most of them had no idea why they had come together at all. (Acts 19:32)

They din it into my ears that he ought not to live any longer ... (Acts 25:24)

I cannot believe that any of these matters has escaped his notice, for it has been no hole-and-corner business. (Acts 26:26)

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